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What is CBD ?
Happy Senior Couple

I swear by your product! After working in the factory for over 30 years my body has all types of aches and pains. The tincture is helping me through my long shifts by taking the pain away and relieving tension in my body daily!

Happy Man

I had back pain for weeks, I tried just about everything and nothing worked... But today I stopped  by and used the 500mg Topical Menthol, boy I'll tell you it really works, no joke! No front, keep up the good work Plant LIfe, this is the best! Thank you!!

Fit Woman with Headphones

Upon first inhale, Sour Space Candy leaves earthy impressions upon the taste buds, flavors like that of mixed berries and nuts. This palette only serves to enhance the calming aroma and effect of the  hemp itself, invoking scenery reminiscent of a forest meadow. The smoke itself is as smooth as a luxury cigarette and leaves me feeling content and satisfied

Health Nut-
25150 Gratiot Ave
Roseville, MI 48066

Harbor Town Market-
3472 E. Jefferson 
Detroit, MI 48207

Health Wise Foods-
3807 8 Mile rd.
Detroit, MI 48091

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